Blockchain and how it works

Ever wondered how Bitcoin or, even better, cryptocurrencies in general works? They’re based on a system known as Blockchain, as you might have heard any day. But do you know what does that mean? Because I think this given information, without further explanation, is worthless – few people know what Blockchain is and how it functions. I had the idea of trying to explain it in written words, but after seeing the video below I was certain that I couldn’t explain it in a better and simpler way. As a consequence, this post will be shorter than normal – but not less informative. Keep up with the explanation of the video and I hope it helps you to clear your doubts.

If you haven’t seen my last post about the many job opportunities that the internet has for you go check it out, I assure you that you’ll find valuable information there. That’s it for this post, I wish you found it helpful.

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