Job opportunities arising from the internet

I was recently talking with a good friend of mine about which topic my next post should be of and after a while – and a few cans of beer later – we came with the idea of writing about the many ways that we can find on the internet to make a living. It is undeniable that the web has helped many pre existing businesses to reduce their costs, increase their profits and to be more efficient in general, but the most fantastic thing is not in this improvement but in the emergence of innumerable new means of generating wealth that before the digital world were completely unthinkable. With the blossoming of the Information Age, economic relations drastically changed around the world, old money-making formulas are no longer as efficient as they once were and new methods emerge nonstop. Thus, it’s our duty to stay on par with the new ways – especially if you want to Rule The Web – so that we can take advantage of the vast opportunities that the internet offers us. Obviously I can’t cite all the new manners of earning cash that were originated through the internet, even because I don’t know everything, but I will give you some suggestions and, perhaps, make it some sort of a “series” of this website. So, let’s see
the different possibilities that arose thanks to this wonder called World Wide Web.

Web Designing

Well, that’s an easy one to think about. Since the dawn of the internet this is a valued ability, as an user-friendly interface is one of the most important factors in the digital world. The main pro of this skill is that it’s required by everyone who wants to build a decent website, so big and small companies – and sometimes even individuals – will need web designers to help them in creating their site. Another plus is the ability to work remotely, which is very common among internet based jobs, so you can have a little more freedom and maybe work for countries that will pay you better.

Despite the large number of job opportunities, the majority of it are small or ephemeral tasks, that means the professional will need to be constantly searching for work that needs to be done – which shouldn’t be too hard but it’s an almost intrinsic inconvenience of the profession. This problem is partially solved with the many freelancing marketplaces websites that connects web designers with people and businesses that are in need of their skills. According to some quick searches conducted on Google, the average annual salary varies around $45,000, increasing considerably according to experience and projects undertaken. If you’re interested in following this path, I recommend buying a course on the subject at Udemy – one of the best online course platforms.

Local Digital Marketing

You probably were not expecting it, were you? I could write about web developing or programming but I’d rather present you this not so popular way of generating an online revenue so you can have a notion of the immensity of unorthodox ways of making cash that the internet has to offer. Even the local economic scenario is impacted by the changes caused by the Information Age, and there lies a big opportunity for small players – be it small companies or individuals – that have the right skillset to give a boost in local businesses through digital marketing.

The idea behind it is to help these local businesses in having a greater online reach and, as a result, more clients. As you probably can tell, there isn’t just one right way of accomplishing it, after all we’re talking about the internet. The positive aspect about this method of earning money is that there are hundreds of thousands of local businesses that you can offer your service to, so the competition is fairly spreaded and the possibilities are vast. Take for example this Gainesville towing website, the city where I got my degree and that I have a huge affection. It’s a site of a local towing company in Gainesville and it is one of the top results on Google searches – one of the best ways of getting clients through the internet – being thus a perfect example of successful digital marketing. I wish that in my time of graduation getting a towing was easy as that…

As I said previously, I’d like to make this a “series” of my site, so, for now, I will only talk about those two grand opportunities that the web give us (I’m saving my bullets, I don’t want to burn everything I have all at once). I would like to reiterate that if you have any suggestions for topics, please send to [email protected] See you in the next post!

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